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Homecoming Court

Court members are chosen based on their leadership qualities, spirit, integrity, and achievement through their contributions and involvement at Ohio State. The Court selection process begins with a paper application. Based on application scores and GPA, individual interviews are offered and conducted by OSU faculty, staff, and alumni. The scores from the paper application and interview are combined to determine the 2019 Homecoming Court members.  Court members then volunteer and serve as ambassadors during Welcome Week and Homecoming Week, and after a student body vote, the Homecoming Queen and King are announced at the Homecoming Game on October 5, 2019.

2019 Homecoming Court Applications are due March 1st.

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Part One

Please select the option that most closely aligns with how you identify.

Part Two

Please complete the following three questions (350-word limit for each).

Please submit your resume with all activities you have participated in during your time at The OhioStateUniversity. Specify dates of involvement and extent of participation. Please include academic honors and awards, student organizations, artistic achievements, athletic achievements, community service and employment.

There is a one-page limit. Resumes should be submitted in Times New Roman font with a type size no smaller than 11-point. Please do not use margins smaller than 3/4-inch. Resumes not meeting these requirements will not be considered.

Part Three